Solar modules Jinko Tiger Neo N-Type 470W



Characteristics of solar modules Jinko Tiger Neo N-Type 470W:

Warranty for solar modules 15 years.
Reliable, high-quality, or international TUV certificate.
Solar module Jinko Tiger Neo N-Type is resistant to various environmental conditions.
After 30 years, the remaining power is guaranteed and 87.40%.

Power: 470 W
Dimensions: 1903×1134×30 mm.
КПД module (СТК) 21.78%
ВМПП (СТЦ) 35.05V
ИМПП (СТК) 13.41 А
ЛОС (СТК) 42.38 В
ISC (STC) 14.15 А
Weight of module 1: 24.20 kg.
Cell type: single crystal
Цвет оправы: Черный
Contact box: IP68
made in China

Delivery of Jinko solar panels within 5 working days.

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